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Metro Ocean Services was established on November 2001. Address located in Jl. Lurus No. 34 Jakarta Utara 14320, Indonesia.This Company establishment has been supported by elite and qualified group of crewing managers who those have high motivation and experience in their sector respectively.Since the beginning of Metro Ocean Services Company establishment, more shipping companies have been trusting in conducting cooperation with it, particularly in supplying the professional Indonesian seafarers.Joint cooperation has been kept thoroughly between Metro Ocean Services Company and International Shipping line owners. It has committed to provide qualified service based on standard enacted by the ship owners like present competitive International markets.Metro Ocean Services is able to supply seafarers who can be employed in many type International ships from Passengers Ships, Tanker Ships, VLCC, Container Ships, Bulk carriers, General Cargo Ships, Support Vessels and Offshore / Onshore for keeping the quality of the seafarers, we always keep providing the standby seafarers with a sustainable training.The purpose and mean of this training are to place the main principal in creating a stronger and more professional crewing management in order to improve and contributed both Company and crew themselves.

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