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We provide qualified and competent crew for all type of vessels and offshore. Screen all candidates based on they experience to fit the specification of the vessels owner’s needs. Provide in house training for the crews on technical, operational and safety, so that their performance on the Ships more satisfying. Our seafarers continue to be evaluated and improved quality through training programs of International standard in accordance with the STCW 1995 amendments.


Petroleum product that are offer in accordance with standard specifications of The Directorate General of Oil and Gas which is applied to the operational need for industrial machinery and shipping in general with competitive prices and deliveries to the site in accordance with customer demand. We provide fast service in distribution of fuel by using:- Truck tank with a capacity of 6.000 to 24.000 liters- ISO Tank with capacity of 10.000 to 22.000 liters- Bunker Burge


Our Company has provided the need of oil service in Ports of Indonesia, for the vessel and factory needs in specific location in other parts of Indonesia in accordance with demand of customer for 24 hours service. In supporting of oil bunker services we have fleet facilities with capacity of 250 to 1.000 KL.
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