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ABSTRACTIndonesia is the main place for a major seamen in the world. It has a lot of the best crews who those are supported by qualified reputation in knowledge, communication and English mastery, they are also well known as hard workers, diligent, discipline, loyal and committed and recognized as famous experienced and performance seamen. It is proven by much more Indonesian seamen employed by the ship owners over the world. Indonesian government has been contributing by implementing a number of steps to meet international standard and requirement based on International Maritime Organization (IMO) such as STCW 1995 (for standard of training, certification and seaman supervision). So that it can be concluded that Indonesian seamen have been possessing good quality and trusted. It means that they can definitely match with International standard and requirement in accordance with knowledge, performance related to navigation technology, computer, English, management and safety.Metro Ocean Service company website is the beginning step to make Indonesian seamen more recognized and can be accessed globally. And definitely that Metro Ocean Service Company understands that they are very smart, skilled, motivated, educated, and matching to the standard and requirement stipulated by international regulation to make them work in the right track. Metro Ocean Service company has known that to reach this is not easy and of course facing a lot of complicated problems, however, it becomes our commitment to keep it forever.
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